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Precise Career Selection E-Book 2024
  • Precise Career Selection E-Book 2024
  • Precise Career Selection E-Book 2024

Precise Career Selection E-Book 2024

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What to do after 10th & 12th?

This question is always one of the toughest asked to students. Most of the students don't know what to do after 10th & 12th? Which stream to choose?

So we have created this E-Book for the students and their parents. For this E-book We have conducted years of research and come with solutions to all of your above questions?

This book is presented to you by Life Coach Vikram Verma in collaboration With DigiTines.

This Course E-Book Tell You About The Career Options Available After 12th. What To Pursue After 12th.

If You are Confused About The career selection after the 10th & 12th Then This E-Book Can Be A Game Changer. In This E-book, We Have Made A Precise Description Of All The Career And Streams Options Available.

We have conducted A Deep Analysis Of The Courses And streams And Put Them In A Precise Tabular Form, So that Without Wasting Time One Can Select The appropriate Course/Stream And Career.

FAQ? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which Stream to choose after 10th if I want to become an consultant in advertising firm?

You must go with degree courses related to Design/Fine/Creative/visual/Applied Arts. For more detail you may look in the E-book For Applied Arts Sections.

How can I help my child to select an appropriate career?

 You can help your child select an appropriate career in the following ways, first know about the available career choices, ask your child about what career he wants to choose, or meet a learned career Counsellor who can help in career selection.

My child is confused about various kinds of career options, as a parents what should I do?

It's very normal for a child to get confused in various kinds of streams because he is not very experienced, so what you have to do is, get a counselling session from an expert career counsellor and get an intelligence test done so that a career Counsellor based on the results of intelligence test results, can tell appropriately what career is good for your child.

Why should I consult a career Counsellor for the career selection of my child?

Every parent should consult a career counsellor before making a career choice for their children because choosing an appropriate career can positively influence children's lives. Children's success depends upon the right career choice.

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